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Organizational Structure, Procedures and Management of the Project

ΤHERA-CAN will operate on a simple but effective management scheme comprising of 3 operational layers:

  • the ‘Steering Committee’ (StCT), assisted in its tasks by an advisory board;
  • the Coordinator,
  • the General Assembly
  • The Coordinator will beresponsible for all financial and legal provisions; General supervision of the progress of the workpackages on the basis of tasks, milestones and budget; Preparation, organisation, administration and follow-up of scientific and administrative meetings of the StCT; advise Workpackage Leaders on all issues needed for the projects’ execution. The steering committee will have the major decision-making role of the program. It comprises of representatives of all participants and will be chaired by the Coordinator.

    The StCT performs both executive and administrative functions, among which are: Reviews progress and overall strategy; Sets directions, priorities and plans which relate to all aspects of THERA-CAN and decides on means to implement them; Finalizes and approves interim and final reports to the GSRT; Monitors and directs the dissemination of knowledge; Evaluates, negotiates and pursues patent opportunities and IPR issues;Monitors and approves performance of workpackages, adherence to related deadlines and deliverables;

    The General Assembly comprises of all participating scientists of THERA-CAN who will be responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the project, dissemination of results and communication with the StCT. Procedures: Every 2 months, the StCT will jointly evaluate the overall progress of the project, and define how the project should best proceed. WP leaders will monitor progress of their deliverables on weekly basis and report to the StCT meetings. In addition, the StCT and the coordinator will receive advice from the Advisory Board (TAB; THERA-CAN Advisory Board).

    Μembers of TAB are George Mavroudis, Professor of Oncology at UoC Medical School and L. Skaltsounis, Professor of Pharmacology at University of Athens. In StCT meetings, informed decisions will be taken on a majority basis. If this cannot be reached, the opinion of the coordinator will prevail. The StCT will pursue the discussion of major issues with the general assembly which will meet annually, allowing informed and generally accepted decisions to be made by the Committee.


    THERACAN: Exploiting molecular pathways of apoptotic cell death for the rational design of therapeutic strategies for colon cancer.